Your Benefits to joining

  1. Email Notification when we upload a new Excess Proceeds List
  2. Ability to purchase any of our excess proceed lists we offer throughout the year.
    We price each list $1.00 for each record on the list. If there are more than 100 records on the list, the cost is $99.00. No list will ever be more than $99.00

    Our Excess Proceed Lists include:

    • County Claim Forms
    • Claims Process and Instructions
    • County Contact Information
  3. A page for each county that gives you ( Show County Pages )
    • Link to the County Auction website
    • Link to the County Official Records website
    • Link & Information on Public Record Requests
    • Link to the County Property Appraiser website
    • Link to the County Tax Collector website
    • Page tells you when the auctions are held, How often and Where

Monthly Subscription – $15.00 plus the cost of any Excess Proceeds List you decide to purchase.