California Excess Proceeds provides you with the Surplus Records from Tax Defaulted Property Auctions in the California Counties. Yes, you can obtain the surplus lists from some of the counties themselves however, there are a few issues with that method (How our records are far superior – shown in blue below).

  • Most counties do not put a surplus list online until at least 3 months after the auction date, sometimes 9-10 months

Since there is a 12 month deadline to put in a claim, it is not in your best interest to wait for the county-supplied lists.  We give you the auction results within 24 hours after the auction ends.  At this point, you can locate and obtain the property owners as clients, having them sign documents so you can submit the excess proceeds claim with the county. WHY wait until the county puts out a list?  The county will not pay out claims until the one year deadline to give lienholders a chance to put in a claim, however, that does not mean you cannot put in a claim early.  You are wasting precious months. Not only that, but you can look up to see if there are lienholders and you can obtain them as clients as well.

  • Counties do not put the owners name on the surplus lists, only a Parcel/APN number.

We add the Owners Name and Mailing Address to our Excess Proceeds records

  • Some counties do not put a surplus amount on the list so you don’t even know if it’s worth pursuing.

Our records contain ‘estimated surplus amount’.  This is the amount of the ending bid minus the amount of the starting bid. There may be liens that will be deducted from this amount but you have a general idea if the record is worth pursuing. You can always use the Official Records website for each of the counties to look up any liens/lien holders that may or may not put in a claim against the excess proceeds. We have a page for each of the California Counties that provides you with links to each counties Official Records website. 

Please Note, we do not provide Asset Recovery Training. This website, the lists, county pages and claim forms are to make life easier for those who perform the actions of Asset Recovery. If you already do this type of work in California or any other state, this is for you.

If you are new, our website gives you the claim forms, information and submission processes, so it’s pretty self-explanatory. However, you do need to be able to locate the property owners and convince them to sign with you. If you do not understand how to do these tasks, we suggest you do not subscribe to our website unless you have a source of training.